Board game for HR community.
Now in English!

The game was made with love, respect and irony to our beloved HR function
Скажи_HR (English Edition)
is a project and creation of SQ-Team.

This is unique special English edition of a popular boarding game Скажи_HR for HR industry.

This version was made for our English-speaking colleagues and for Russian HR specialists who would like to practice their professional English in an interesting and fun way.
How to play?
The player's task is to explain words from the HR vocabulary.
During the game players get into different situations so "explanation" won't be easy.

You don't need a fluent English to play the game - one of the ideas that you can practice your speaking skills. Or just have fun and study new terms if you are a native speaker.

There is a 1 500 words in this game, you can play many times and still finding something new.
What is the difference from classical version?
  • The game is entirely in English.
  • More time for one round (120 seconds instead of 60).
  • Vocabulary completely adapted for international players.

Find and study new terms or just enjoy the good time playing.
By playing the game you can level-up your English and improve speaking skills in no time.
Open game meetings
You can try Скажи_HR on our open meetings every month and find out more about its adapation projects and use.

We play in a café, in central Moscow.
You can receive an inventation via e-mail.
Новости и приглашения на открытые мероприятия:
Given a company of 9 people you've never seen, a table and Скажи_HR, in 1,5 hours you would be loaded with a mix of cultures, jargons and new knowledge you could hardly expect. And in addition, you enjoy a lot of jokes, fun and humor.

We get to experience the HR world, with its endless challenges to meet, to talk through, to support and understand each other through this unique game that we can all play.
Elena Migunova
C&B Director, Rosbank
Скажи_HR is a great opportunity to get new HR friends, new HR knowledge and in the same time have a lot of fun in the same place in the same time.

Once you've played the game, you will never be the same HR.
Marina Klimova
Active participant of Russian C&B community
The English version of Скажи_HR can help to achieve 4 goals:

1. You practice your English skills.
2. You can use the game as collaboration tool with your expat management (foreign colleagues).
3. You improve your oratorical skills.
4. Your brain works!
Julia Yanushko
HRD, Gretta
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